The Divine Right of Resistance: Biblical Options for Opposing Tyranny
What would Jesus do under tyranny? Well, what did Jesus do under tyranny?
The Canon of Scripture: A Presuppositional Study
The Bible is authoritative, but which books are in the Bible? Whose word should we trust?
Conception Control: Avoiding Antinomianism and Legalism
In what ways did the Fall impact conception? In what ways does Redemption impact conception?
Children and Communion: A Presuppositional Analysis of 14 Views
Why do Christians read the same Bible passages about children and communion and come to opposite conclusions about what they mean?
Biblical Romance: What Does the Bible Say About Finding a Spouse?
What does the Bible say about finding a spouse? This book seeks to steer a middle course between the rocks of legalism and the cliffs of sexual compromise.
Overcoming Masturbation and Impure Thoughts: A Letter to a Friend
This book will not help you. Not unless you're serious. This book will help you — if you're serious, but can't figure out why you haven't gotten victory.
Musical Instruments in Worship: A Critique of the Non-Instrumentalist Position
Were instruments in Old Testament worship purely Levitical? Are they allowed in the New Testament? What is the church's historic position?
Forty Short Homilies on Infant Baptism
Each chapter of this book is a transcript of a short baptism homily delivered by Pastor Kayser at his church, and is a brief introduction to the subject of baptism.
December 25 Jewish-Style: The Ancient Jewish Celebration Anticipating the Birth of Christ
Christmas, holidays, winter celebration. History, justifications for celebrating, birth date of Jesus, and celebration ideas.
Dressed up for Church?! A Contrarian Rag on Appropriate Clothing
What the Bible says about dress codes, and what it requires for dress in worship.
Glory and Coverings: A Study of 1 Corinthians 11:1-16
Women's head coverings in worship.
Sunday as a First-Day Sabbath
Sabbath commandments, historical changes to the Sabbath, early church view of the Sabbath.
The Flaw of Natural Law
Natural law, government, presuppositions.
Has God Indeed Said?: The Preservation of the Text of the New Testament
Textual criticism, inspired text, Greek, confirming the correct text of the Scriptures.
Universal Suffrage: A History and Analysis of Voting in the Church and Society
Voting, democracy, representation, government.
Seven Biblical Principles that Call for Infant Baptism
Infant baptism, circumcision, New Testament.
An Hour of Prayer: A Practical Guide to 12 Kinds of Prayer
Prayer, relationship with God.
Is the Death Penalty Just?
Law, punishment.
Leader Development: A Mentoring Checklist for Sons and Young Men
Men, raising sons, introspection.
Mature Daughters: A Mentoring Checklist for Daughters and Young Women
Women, raising daughters, introspection.
Seeing History With New Eyes: A Guide to Teaching Providential History
Torture: A Biblical Critique
Law, national defense, terrorism, government.
The Problem of Evil: A Dialogue
Can God do evil? Why do bad things happen to good people?
Public Assembly: The Biblical Call to Faithful Attendance at Public Worship
Sabbath worship, home church, invisible church.
Church Membership: Is it Biblical?
Prayers for Spiritual Warfare
Feed My Lambs: Biblical Guidelines for Parents to Determine if Their Children are Ready for Communion
Getting Christians Back Into Politics
Culture, politics, ministry.
How to Deal with Objections to Inerrancy
Skepticism, miracles, accuracy of the Bible.
Ransom Paid: Does the Bible Limit the Atonement?
Universalism, who will be saved, "Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!"


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