Sanctification and Overcoming Temptation

This collection represents the best of Dr. Kayser's hopeful and practical approach to growing in Christlikeness. Here you'll find more than 24 sermons on "putting off and putting on," overcoming temptation, overcoming apathy toward sanctification, growing in desire for God, real vs false repentance, taking correction from others, and more.

Spiritual Warfare

The topic of spiritual warfare is hugely neglected in the modern Western church. Some wrongly believe all demons were bound in the first century; half of American Christians don't believe in Satan or demons at all. But the Reformers took the very current reality of the demonic very seriously, and so should we. This collection includes Dr. Kayser's best materials on understanding the powers at work in the spirit world, the power and authority demons do and do not have, and how to use the weapons of our own warfare in fighting this spiritual battle.

Re-Training Your Conscience

This collection covers everything from how to retrain a dull, oversensitive, or social conscience, to how to soften a seared conscience, to why a weak or legalistic conscience always leads to more sin and less holiness. It details how to deal with legalism in your friends, how to recognize it in yourself, how to recover from legalism without becoming a libertine, and how to grow in your appreciation for the freedom God has given you in Christ.

The Divine Right of Resistance

If you want to resist without being a revolutionary, see how David and his interactions with King Saul and his son Absalom help us navigate complex civil conflict, be a God-centered and not a "my country, right or wrong" patriot, and know when to stand up and when to stand down, these sermons are for you. While we also commend to you the whole Life of David Series, these highlights from it and other series will help you dive deeper into The Divine Right of Resistance.

Overcoming Pornography and Sexual Sin

Dr. Kayser's most helpful sermons, books, exercises, and homework on overcoming pornography and sexual sin.


Lessons on leadership from David, Joshua, and other biblical heroes.


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