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There's a lot here. Where do I begin? What is Biblical Blueprints' best stuff?

If you're new to Biblical Blueprints, here's where we would recommend you get started, to get familiar with Dr. Kayser's approach to studying and applying Scripture, and the topics he covers better than anyone else. These are the materials readers have consistently found the most helpful and life-changing.

The "Life of David" series — a course in practical Christianity, based on the saga of King David

Album Art of David's Harp

From shepherd boy to warrior king, David's life story is the story of sin, grace, and spiritual power at work in every area of life: Battles with giants. Leadership. Betrayal. Bad authorities. Sexual sin. Repentance. Spiritual warfare. Friendship and conflict. Rebellious kids. Politics. Relationships between men and women. Falling and redemption. The demonic. The conscience. Civil disobedience. While Saul models how to be the impressive Christian-on-your-own-terms that God rejects, David shows us to live life — all of it — as a very-human man after God's own heart.
A few highlighted sermons from this series:

Everyone talks about David and Goliath — but there are just as many lessons in the story of Saul and Goliath. This sermon shows one of the many stark contrasts between David, consumed with a desire to walk with God and see God glorified, and and Saul, consumed with self-preservation, self-exaltation, and personal glory. Saul was Israel's pragmatic best hope against the bullies in the land, and he tried to meet the Philistines on their own ground, with their own tactics, and in his own strength. He was not thinking how God could win this victory — like many conservatives who won't bring God into politics, economics, arts, science, or military battles. An outward believer, Saul did not know the power of God, the wisdom of God, the courage that comes from walking with God. What do we need to learn from this in our battles today?

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Irrational Paranoia, Jealousy, Anger, and Hatred

Some problems — in marriages, in churches, in politics, in friendships — are too irrational to explain humanly. Sometimes demons are the cause of the problems we face, and if we fight as if the problem is only in the flesh, we have a missed a critical battlefront. This sermon looks at Saul's irrational paranoia of David, and the evil spirit that fueled it. It shows how to recognize and resist temptations that come from demons rather than the flesh, and reminds us of God's promises as to why we need not fear Satan.

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The Protestant Work Ethic

This highly motivating and inspiring sermon explains why the doctrines of grace, election, and Jesus' lordship created the Protestant work ethic that transformed Europe. Dr. Kayser shows how Europe turned upside-down when the Reformers rediscovered what Scripture says about the dignity of labor, the valuation of time, the blessing of wealth, the power of family business, the freedom of children to find individual callings apart from the family business, the privilege of changing vocations, the nobility of every vocation, the importance of cultural engagement, the power of giving, and much more.

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Grace vs. Legalism and Antinomianism

This remarkable text, on God's response to David's sin with Bathsheba, cuts to the heart of the the controversies raging around legalism and antinomianism. It shows a picture of real grace contrasted with the gracelessness of both of those ditches. It shows many facets of God's love as a Father. And it answers critical questions — Does God get mad at His children? When God looks at us, does He only see Jesus? Should we "be OK with not being OK"? How proactive are we supposed to be in striving after righteousness? When does that become man-made or works-based righteousness? What about letting go and letting God?

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The Revelation Series — the best guide to reading and understanding Revelation for yourself, and to Revelation's incredible relevance and hope for our day and age

A Dragon Thrown Down into a fiery abyss

Most Christians don't realize how much they're missing in the way of hope, missionality, and confidence in responding to persecution and tyranny by not understanding the top book God gave us on all these things. Revelation is the capstone of Scripture, the finale that completes the arc God began in Genesis, the ultimate fulfillment to all the setups and payoffs in Scripture. In Revelation, Jesus shows how He and His followers got victory, in history, over all the big villains in Scripture — Satan, tyrannical state, violent false religion, and death. In Revelation, God gives His saints a hopeful and practical manual for overcoming until His return — a manual on perseverance, spiritual warfare, responding to tyranny, occupying, and overcoming in crazy times. Revelation may be the most exciting and hope-filled book in Scripture. And in this series, Dr. Kayser walks you through how to read and understand it for yourself.

A few highlighted sermons from this series:

Divine Guidance for Understanding the Book of Revelation, part 1

This sermon deals with the first 8 of 30 interpretive clues that God has given in the first eleven verses of Revelation 1. These 8 principles quickly narrow the focus of the book by ruling out several approaches to the book of Revelation that are violated.

This sermon deals with the first 8 of 30 interpretive clues that God has given in the first eleven verses of Revelation 1. These 8 principles quickly narrow the focus of the book by ruling out several approaches to the book of Revelation that are violated.

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Divine Guidance for Understanding the Book of Revelation, part 2

This sermon continues examining the thirty clues given in the first eleven verses of Revelation that show how the book ought to be read. This sermon focuses on the proper approach to understanding symbols.

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Did Jesus Really Come Soon?

This sermon deals with the controversy over the passages promising an imminent judgment and those that promise one after a long time. Both aspects must be maintained to adequately defend orthodoxy.

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Dr. Kayser's Materials on the Text of Scripture — giving confidence that God has preserved His word, including every jot and tittle, through particular texts and through the biblical canon.

Canon of Scripture Book

Can you prove which books belong in the biblical canon? And who determines canonicity - the historic church, the Scriptures, or something else? In this book Dr. Kayser proves the canonicity of each of the 66 books of the biblical canon using the Bible itself, making an airtight case for the presuppositional, "only God can identify His word" approach, and showing how it defeats all competing views of canon presented by Muslims, Mormons, Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and Liberals.

Has God Indeed Said Booklet

When different manuscripts of the New Testament vary with each other on what God has indeed said, we can lose our confidence that we even know what God said. This book is designed to restore a sense of confidence that the Bible does indeed “belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law” (Deut. 29:29). Here Dr. Kayser and Dr. Wilbur Pickering, PhD, ThM (New Testament textual scholar, linguist, and Bible translator) analyze the different Greek texts behind different Bible translations, share the history of each text and how it was regarded through church history, and give eleven Biblical presuppositions that should guide our analysis of the evidence.

Dr. Kayser's Materials on Sexual Purity and Hope for Holiness - showing how to lay hold of spiritual weapons and the tools in God's toolchest (the Bible) to get actual victory

Overcoming Masturbation and Impure Thoughts Book

This book won't help you unless you're serious. But it will be a gamechanger if you're serious but can’t figure out why you haven’t gotten victory. Too many give up because all they've tried are weak weapons rather than the weapons that are “mighty in God for pulling down strongholds” (2 Cor. 10:4). It's possible to gain complete victory in this area of purity of thought and body, but only if you know how to lay hold of God's promises, God's strength, God's Spirit, and the tools in God's toolchest (the Bible).

Dr. Kayser's Top Resources on Overcoming Pornography and Sexual Sin

Dr. Kayser's most helpful sermons, books, exercises, and homework on overcoming pornography and sexual sin.

Dr. Kayser's Materials on Sanctification and Retraining the Conscience - hope and practical action points for "training in righteousness"

Best Sermons on Sanctification and Overcoming Temptation

Dr. Kayser's best messages on overcoming sin, putting off and putting on, crucifying the flesh, motivations for holiness, and more.

Best Sermons on Developing a Healthy Conscience

This collection covers everything from how to retrain a dull, oversensitive, or social conscience, to how to soften a seared conscience, to why a weak or legalistic conscience always leads to more sin and less holiness. It details how to deal with legalism in your friends, how to recognize it in yourself, how to recover from legalism without becoming a libertine, and how to grow in your appreciation for the freedom God has given you in Christ.

Hope for Holiness

This sermon is all about the hope, promises, and steps God actually gives us for tackling every fortress that Satan has erected in our lives. As we'll see in Ephesians 4:17-28, God gives us not only the power, but also nine step-by-step instructions to victory, and three examples of how to put off our old habits of the flesh and develop new habits of righteousness.

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If you're feeling stuck in your sanctification, you may be able to find the spot where you got stuck in the links in the chain of sanctification that God gives us in 2 Peter 1:5-7. When God says to "add to your faith virtue, to virtue knowledge, to knowledge self-control, to self-control perseverance, to perseverance godliness, to godliness brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness love," He wasn't throwing out good qualities at random. He was explaining the actual sequence through which God makes us more like Himself.

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Dr. Kayser's Materials on Resisting Tyranny

The Divine Right of Resistance Book

What would Jesus do under tyranny? Well, what did Jesus do under tyranny? In this book, you'll see how Jesus and countless heroes of the faith navigated unjust judges, illegal arrests, civil rights violations, weapons bans, street-preaching bans, being forbidden to meet together, and more. See over 200 Scriptural examples of resistance to these age-old challenges, see why Romans 13 proves that tyrants are not ministers of God, and discover Scripture-based resistance tactics for individuals, churches, and magistrates.

Best Sermons on The Divine Right of Resistance

If you want even more information on how to resist without being a revolutionary, how David and his interactions with King Saul and his son Absalom help us navigate complex civil conflict, how to be a God-centered and not a "my country, right or wrong" patriot, and when to stand up and when to stand down, these sermons are for you.

Dr. Kayser's Materials on Ethics and Quadperspectivalism - A more nuanced and multi-dimensional approach to teasing apart ethical questions

Making Biblical Decisions about Resistance in Your Situation - Excerpt from The Divine Right of Resistance Book

This excerpt from Dr. Kayser's book The Divine Right of Resistance answers the question, "How do I know what to do when?" Here Dr. Kayser takes all the principles laid out in the book and shows how to actually apply them in a specific case study (the state banning the owning or buying of weapons.) Dr. Kayser shows how the rules of Scripture, combined with the Bible's teachings on goals, motives, and the particulars of the situation, gives a much clearer, more detailed, and more personalized answer than the common but simplistic rules-only approach.

Dr. Kayser's Materials on Spiritual Warfare and the Demonic - Learn about the powers at work in the spirit world, the power and authority demons do and do not have, and how to use the weapons of our own warfare in fighting this spiritual battle.

Best Sermons and Articles on Spiritual Warfare

An introduction to understanding Satan's devices and our spiritual resources for fighting back from a solid biblical perspective.

Spiritual Warfare Prayers Booklet

Eighteen sample prayers by Dr. Kayser and Mark Bubeck, demonstrating how to wage spiritual warfare in the heavenlies — from requests as general as the filling of the Spirit and the putting on of spiritual armor, to specific petitions for those in demonic bondage, for adopted or foster children, or for troubled marriages.

Sermons, Books, and Content Collections

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Dr. Kayser is always working on more books, but you can find the ones he's already published here. You can read all of them for free in digital form, and many are also purchasable as physical books.

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