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2023 has been a big year for Biblical Blueprints. Dr. Kayser has a few secret books and research projects in the works, as well as preaching through a sermon series on Joshua. The BB team is hard at work getting more of Dr. Kayser's sermon series online, curating more collections of Dr. Kayser's best content by topic, and turning more of his best research into short handbooks like this one. We've added a lot of new content to the website and we've just finished moving our website to a faster platform (with more improvements to come) and replacing our old search engine with an upgraded search engine that's fast, powerful, and can search the full text of all Dr. Kayser's sermons.

All this is currently made possible by donations. Biblical Blueprints is in the early stages of transitioning from running on donations to running on sales; at this stage, donations are helping us build the infrastructure to become self-sustaining.

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If you want to give a tax-deductible donation to support the continuing work, please make out your check to Dominion Institute. (Dominion Institute (501c3) has partnered with Biblical Blueprints, LLC to make tax-deductible donations possible.)

For a non-tax-deductible donation (which would allow you to earmark your donations for specific projects, and to help fund our marketing efforts), you can make your checks out directly to Biblical Blueprints, LLC.

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