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Leader Development booklet
This booklet contains a checklist of leadership competencies, written specifically to help fathers in the training of their sons, but also to help pastors, mentors, and anyone involved in leader development to be more systematic in their leader training.

Caleb: A Man With A God-Sized Vision, Part 1

Caleb: A Man With A God-Sized Vision, Part 2

Caleb: A Man With A God-Sized Vision, Part 3

Characteristics of Leaders Worth Following
Though God does not expect everyone to be a hero warrior like David and his 36 leaders, there are principles of followership and leadership that can be learned from these amazing men.

Biblical Leadership Principles, Part 1
Many pastors and Christians leaders have been taken out by the enemy, and almost every one of them has failed on one or more of the leadership principles covered in this message. This sermon explains eight Biblical leadership principles from the prologue to the book of Joshua.

Biblical Leadership Principles, Part 2
This sermon covers the additional 6 Biblical leadership principles from the prologue to the book of Joshua.

Leaders of a Different Stripe
This sermon looks at five contrasts between the leadership of the Sanhedrin and the godly leadership of Peter and John: the differences in their leadership training, the differences in their ministry results, the difference between pragmatism and principled truth, the difference between power and authority, and the difference between fear and frustration versus boldness and confidence.

A Great Leader
Apollos appears to have been one of the New Testament's most gifted leaders. Some of his characteristics aren't possible for us to emulate, but most of them are. This sermon walks us through the things we should learn from this incredible example.

Self-Controlled Leadership
Was David's refusal to kill Saul out of cowardice, or self-control? Was it the right decision? Many modern scholars don't understand David's refusal because they don't understand Biblical civics. Some of David's friends didn't seem to understand because they didn't see the crucial spiritual difference between self-control and cowardice, lack of faith, or indecision or paralysis. Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit and one of the links in the chain of sanctification outlined in 2 Peter 1:5-8, and Peter says that we cannot prosper, be fruitful, and abound in our Christian walk without it. This sermon looks at what it means to put on this Spirit-given grace. Bonus: This sermon also covers the seven principles of just war.

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