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  • November 22, 2008
  • December 2, 2014
  • March 29, 2015

    What are the differences between the Dispensational and Covenantal views of Palm Sunday? And what difference does it make? This sermon shows the enormous ramifications of your view of the relationship of Palm Sunday to the Kingdom. Was the Kingdom that all acknowledge was presented on Palm Sunday withdrawn or was it inaugurated exactly as anticipated in the Old Testament?

  • April 5, 2015

    This sermon explores the implications of the grave clothes. Why did John conclude that Jesus had risen, when the women saw the same evidence and concluded that His body had been taken away?

  • December 11, 2016

    If Jesus had been the bland, politically-correct Jesus of Christmas cards, Herod's first Christmas would probably have been jolly. But the true Christ of the Incarnation was a Christ who troubled Herod and continues to trouble all who refuse to bow in unconditional surrender to Him. When we put the real Christ back into Christmas (and into the rest of our lives) we may find other religious people around us similarly troubled. Herod believed in a real historical Jesus, he believed in the supernatural, and he believed the Messiah had been born — but he was not saved, and he did not rejoice in the the challenge to his will that the real Jesus presented. This sermon is a challenge to make sure you don't believe in Jesus the way Herod did, and a call to rejoice in the very things that trouble the Herods of this world.

  • December 18, 2016

    The role of the Holy Spirit in the First Advent, and the importance of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives. This sermon shows the ways that God poured out His Spirit into the key players of the Christmas story, and how the same spirit of adoration, of preparation, of joy, of giving, of empowerment, of prophecy, of guidance, and more, can be poured out on us as well.

  • December 24, 2017

    This sermon untangles the controversies over the prophecy of Jesus being from Nazareth, the prophetic significance of being a Nazarene, the connection to all the passages describing the coming Messiah as "the branch," and more.

  • July 4, 2021

    This sermon gives a Biblical theology of conspiracies from Psalm 2.

  • December 19, 2021

    The Father sent Jesus to earth with a mission and purpose. Then Jesus said, "As the Father has sent Me, I am also sending you." This sermon compares the Father's purpose for sending Christ into the world with the Father's purpose for us, and gives a call to be more and more driven by the Father's mission for our lives. Jesus knew exactly what His mission on earth was. Do you know His? Do you know yours?

  • January 16, 2022

    This nameless woman was a model peacemaker. But she also modeled many other graces to modern women.

  • April 3, 2022

    This unusual sermon applies lessons from the donkey that Jesus rode.

  • April 17, 2022

    This sermon shows the revolutionary implications of Christ's resurrection for our day-to-day living.

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