Series Guidance

  • August 22, 2004

    In Part 3 of his series on Guidance, Dr. Kayser lays out the remaining 18 of his 30 points on how to evaluate guidance, including thoughts on the role our desires should play, why the conscience can be an unreliable source of guidance, and why we must take our liberties seriously.

  • August 15, 2004

    So you're experiencing a stirring in a particular direction, a pricking of your conscience, a lack of peace. How do you know if it's from God? Dr. Kayser has 30 questions you should ask to test guidance. In Part Two of this series, he lays out the first twelve.

  • August 8, 2004

    If you pray and fast for God's leading, what do you expect that leading to look or sound like? It's possible to place so much emphasis on the only *objective* rule of life — Scripture — that we can struggle to understand the role of the *subjective* in God's leading. Does God still speak to Christians individually, and if so, how? How do we expect (or *do* we expect?) God to give us individualized guidance? How are we supposed to determine our individual calling (or is it just up to us to choose)? How are we supposed to interpret or evaluate stirrings, burdens, peace, illumination, or checks of the spirit? In this 3-part series, Dr. Kayser digs into the much-neglected role of the *subjective* side of God's leading. In part 1, laying the theological foundations, he: - explains the difference between inspiration and revelation - gives 13 Scriptural examples of how God continues to give subjective (not inspired) revelation, including the law written on the heart, faith, assurance, conviction, and illumination - and explains the different ongoing roles of Scripture, circumstances and providence, and the Spirit's presence and leading in our lives.

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